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Design Timber Stairs And Staircases Online

Purchase your Paragon stair kit online today to save time and money. If you have any questions about your design, our friendly stair designers are available for your free consultation. You can follow your design through every step of our production process, including a 3D rendering of your actual staircase. The cost of your staircase solution is driven by the complexity of the Small Business and options you choose. Our friendly designers work with a wide range of budgets and can help you find a solution that fits within your price point. Browse our stair products for inspiration, or just create your own with our online builder tool.

We also have a support forum exclusively available to our customers. As well as 100s of video tutorials, we offer tailored training and support services. Cut out design and mark up errors and avoid unnecessary work throughout the construction process. Draw any shaped stair with up to 7 flights each at any angle/turn, each with its own length, width and unique specifications. Input stairwell dimensions to automatically calculate headroom.

Common uses for stair towers include roof, tank, and equipment access. Crossover stairs and bridges allow access over obstacles and obstructions. They take up less linear space and can be easier to fit into an architectural plan. Landing – platform at the top and bottom of the stairway, intermediate platform between flights, changing the direction of stairs. Rise – step height, the vertical distance between the top surfaces of adjacent treads. Stair Treads – the horizontal surface of a stair step.

This spiral staircase is a perfect example of how something simple can transform an already beautiful design into something exceptional. Modern designs often use unusual combinations of materials to create striking visual effects. For example, this is a concrete staircase accessorized with a cord wall with a geometric design.

Trappenmakerjij Eric Lauwers, Belgium In addition to utilizing Staircon for production with CNC machine, Trappenmakerjij Eric Lauwers had another important requirement of the software. Snickarlaget, Sweden Using the same software throughout the process – from quotations, sales, construction and production – is a big advantage for us. In a Manhattan maisonette, a ladder that leads to a secret room that designer Christopher Maya found, all sealed up, and turned into a “”fantasy room”” for the children. This angular stairwell designed by GRT Architects is clean, crisp, and minimalist without feeling cold and remote. The lavender painted rails assert a sweet, lighthearted tough that softens up the sharp angles while simultaneously making them pop even more.

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