Thursday, February 2

4 String Electric Bass

The phrase, “you get what you pay for” seemed likely. What could you possibly get for a bass priced at under $70? In all likelihood , this was probably a cheap bass, much like a toy, that wasn’t very playable, and wouldn’t last very long. I’m so proud of this company for its timely manner respond to FedEx errors, and further more fixing the damage done to my items. This is the best gift so far this year for my first buy from them. This is not something for a beginner and they probably cannot do it themselves.

No one can deny that the 4-string electric bass guitar is a cornerstone of any band. Together with the percussion, the bassist creates the powerful rhythm that gets the audience moving and becomes the heartbeat of a melody. Being the most common type of bass guitar, the 4-string is essentially the gold standard instrument for the low end, and it’s usually tuned to the sound of a double bass. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your new 4-string bass is the body style, and with that, the tonewood that it’s made of. For a country or folk bassist looking for rich acoustic character, a semi-hollow body is the perfect way to warm up your tone right from the start.

It actually turned out better than my fretless MIJ Fender Precision, beautiful maple unline board… For an entry level bass this thing is simply amazing. Very light, so this is also worth looking into for gigging musicians with some back issues who know how to do some minor mods. The neck itself is quite rounded and fairly deep which took a little getting used to but familiar to many with a 42mm nut. Worth mentioning is the fretwork – it’s extremely tidy!!

No high frets I can detect, not yet at least – and although the fret ends are cut a little roughly they can be easily addressed. With redemption clearly on their mind, Glarry’s new version of the GP Bass, the GP II, is roughly double the price of the original, but also sports a more impressive spec sheet. As such, let’s do a shorter review to update the status of the Glarry GP model, by comparing the two versions side by side.

If you are still wondering about where to buy the Glarry products? Just get them online from Ubuy India, which offers a huge range of Glarry products at discount prices in India. Cort Elrick NJS 5 review… I have always been very impressed with both Cort and Elrick basses at all… Several reviewers did point out a slight hum, and suggested there may be a grounding issues with the bass. As positive reviews for the bass started to come in, a lot of people began deciding that this was something worth taking a look at.

After tuning up I decided to have a quick play to see how it felt ‘out of the box’, which is how many beginner players would use the bass. I don’t remember ever thinking about action or truss rods when I started playing; it wasn’t until much later that I started to tinker and get any bass playing better. The trouble is how the player would know that their instrument can do better. Musical journeys need to start somewhere and finding a reasonably priced, decently performing bass removes a huge barrier. Glarry music offers a good selection of basses from $130-$160, available in both 4 and 5-string models, that can fit anyone’s needs and budget.

I had to fill two holes with epoxy and redrill them at the right spacing. After that and replacing the strings, I was able to play the bass. It sounds nice, but it feels every bit like a $90 bass.

Several reviewers commented that the bass stayed in tune after long playing sessions. Some commented that the bass stayed in tune even after sitting idle for extended periods of time. One thing that was continually pointed out was the large size of the neck. Some said the neck reminded them of a P Bass which was not necessarily a bad thing.

But again, in almost every case the neck was noted as being heavy. This causes the bass to be imbalanced and sometimes to tip towards the neck when playing. But as noted by several reviewers, this wasn’t a big deal that could be easily corrected by simply wearing a strap that held the bass in place. One reviewer showed the bass being played using a strap made of cloth which prevented the bass from sliding around on his shoulder.

The pickups will come out of the box and will be not properly mounted in the covers, which implies that you might need to disconnect and reinstall the strings. And you might need to pickguard into their covers and the frame. We wanted to mention that point in our Glarry Bass Guitar review.

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