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Bike Helmet Safety and Protective Factors

In the US state of Oregon helmets are required to be worn by all motorcycle riders. The reason for this is that motorcycle helmets do not offer any level of protection when a rider crashes. In fact, when a person crashes their head receives the equivalent of about two thousandths of a pound of force. When dealing with such severe trauma, it is obvious that the injuries caused will be very serious and that any helmet would fail.

Helmet manufactures have tried to meet the demand by designing helmets that offer maximum protection. They often use two kinds of impact absorbing materials. Some use an EPS (expanded polystyrene) cover which takes the impact in the event of a crash without the need for an additional lining. The other kind of material used is a hard plastic shell which automatically crushes when a crash happens. Both these types are designed to meet the demand and they provide excellent protection.

A good helmet safety rating system should provide an easy way for consumers to determine how well a helmet performs during a crash. The three major ratings are D, S and R. The higher the rating the better the design of the helmet. It should crush strongly and absorb shock without flapping and without ripping or collapsing in the case of an accident. Each helmet should also come with a specific maximum strength point. These are specified by each manufacturer and a chart provided by each to help consumers judge the performance.

Many companies have introduced Wavecel helmets which have received good reviews from safety experts. The Wavecel helmet design uses a multi-layered impact absorbing material, which consists mainly of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is known to be one of the most impact resistant materials available today. This allows the material to literally absorb the energy that is directed at it and spread it over a large area. These high quality helmets are very light weight, so even those people who are often on the road tend to feel comfortable wearing them. Motorcycle helmets help to reduce the risk of a head injury by almost 70%

Some companies such as Schwinn and Triton have developed their own versions of the popular helmets called the Troy Lee Designs, which are aimed at women only. Both are made from high quality polycarbonate but the Schwinn helmet has been given the women’s approval. Their helmet is available in several different color schemes and a choice of pink or black. The Troy Lee Designs is making to be used specifically for racing which has led to many female riders finding comfort using these models rather than the traditional male helmets.

Each helmet safety rating system tends to differ with regard to its construction. It is up to the consumer to decide whether they want to invest in the best bike helmets available or simply some that are made from cheap materials that will easily break during an accident. Some companies have introduced new technology into their bikes helmets such as the airbag built into the chin strap and crush zone. These features are proving to reduce head injuries and protect the riders during an accident.

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