Wednesday, November 30

Debt Collections for Dental Practices”,

Your patients trust that you’ll provide state-of-the-art, effective, and pain-free treatment. You should expect an efficient dental collection agency with a no-risk service that has a high rate of return on your investment. Rocket Receivables utilizes technology in new ways, coupled with industry-leading dental collections that are compliant with all state and federal standards, including HIPAA, TCPA, and FDCPA. What sets American Profit Recovery apart from others in the dental debt collection industry? It is by far the skill that our team brings to every one of your accounts. They have an instinct to help others and that has proven to be effective when it comes to dealing with patients in collections.

You’ll then use your username and password to gain access to all the information relevant to your dental debt recovery. Through this portal, you can manage your account and check on updates about your account status and payments. Your office will recover more revenue with IC System’s early-out, primary, secondary, and tertiary dental bill collection services. TSI is a market-leading provider of accounts receivable management and student loan servicing solutions. Our global operations are powered by our proprietary algorithms and best-in-class compliance management system. Adherence to the Federal and State debt collection laws which apply specifically to the medical and dental industry.

We encourage dentists to have a regular schedule of invoicing. Summit A•R is a full-service debt collection agency dedicated to getting our clients the revenue that’s rightfully theirs. While we handle your consumer debt collections, you can focus on improving your business. Transworld Systems Inc. offers billing and collection services to dental practices. For more information click here

Our team has huge success rates for increasing your cash flow and doing it in a way that keeps your patients coming back to your dental practice. Aside from treating your patients with care, compassion, and understanding during debt collection, we’ll ensure you get your profits back on track in no time. Get paid fast by using Recovery Plus, the most effective collection plan from IC System.

Your employees are the frontline of your collection efforts. Their ability to handle all kinds of patients, collect, record, and store data correctly into your system, and ultimately ensure superior customer service reflects in your results. The impact that slow or non-paying clients have on dental offices is no secret. When accounts are going unpaid, it profoundly impacts your bottom line. Your dental office needs to hire a professional debt collection agency experienced in retrieving dental debt. First Credit Services has been helping dental offices recover their receivables since 1993 with over 25 years of experience in debt collection services, including dental debt collection.

It was found that dental practices typically underestimate the patient portion. Healthcare practices can find the collections process time-consuming, emotionally draining, and expensive. With the help of text to pay option, dental patients can seamlessly complete payment in one go.

Firstly, we check public and private databases to locate the most current address for the patient even before the first letter is sent, for free. Our Dental Clinic had a great experience working with Fair Capital. They were very helpful in retrieving our delinquent receivables. Technology, databases, and other methods to locate and contact debtors are all compliant with state and federal regulations. Fair Capital deploys a proven diplomatic, strategic combination of multiple components designed to persuade debtors to honor their obligations.

Hiring a debt collection agency gives you more control over outstanding debts. And, with a reputable company that handles the process professionally, it’s possible to collect the money that’s owed to you and still retain your customers. For over 50 years, First Federal Credit Control has led debt collection with an impressive success rate. As a reputable debt collection agency, we pride ourselves on delivering quality debt recovery services to every client. Sometimes your patients may not have paid you because you didn’t send them an invoice. If your dental practice is short-staffed, your invoicing may pile up and cause delays.

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