Tuesday, January 18

Games For Kids Are Fun Too!

Games for kids are fun, but they can help stimulate your children’s imagination and teach them about logic, as well. There are literally thousands of games for kids to play, from simple board games to computer games and video games. All of them offer something different. Some games are more interactive, some are more physical and some are purely imaginative. Here are a few that I think your children will enjoy.

Hide and seek is a game perfect for toddlers. You could add challenges to it to make it more fun for older children, but in this version, one player chooses an item in sight and says, “I’m hiding” or “I’m seeking” then someone else does the same. Whoever finds the item gets to say a phrase at the end: “I’ve found it”. Then everyone has a chance to try to find the item. Only one player gets to take turns.

Another great game for kids is named after a famous nursery rhyme: “The Night Before Christmas”, by Charles Dickens. In this game, each player has a set of cards, and each player gets to say one of three phrases before the next person says their phrase, which is also a preposition (such as tonight, on this day or on this night). Whoever guesses the closest phrase wins.

Among the top contenders for the top game are Treasure Isle and Backgammon, according to a couple of independent reviews I’ve read. But these aren’t the only two games, nor the only ones worth trying out. One reviewer writes, “For a few bucks you get an entire month of entertainment. I don’t know whether the ads are exaggerating or not, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.”

According to the same reviewer, this game is a lot of fun, especially for parents with younger children. “The nice thing about this is that there is no age restriction. That means you can have conversations with your 4-year-old, and she will still have fun doing it.” One reviewer writes, “The graphics are very vibrant, the sound is crisp, the interface is simple and everything works smoothly.” Click here for more information about จีคลับ.

On the other hand, another reviewer writes, “I did not like this game. It just seemed really childish. The characters are not very well drawn and they look more like stock images than people that you would want as your kids.” And yet another purchaser says, “I loved it. With a few upgrades, it would be in the top 10.”

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