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Types of Free Online Games Available on the Web

There are thousands of free online games to play online! This is a good thing, because there are so many different types of games to play. Just browsing through the free online games category on Facebook or a similar social networking site can get overwhelming. The following are some popular categories of games:

Action & Adventure Games: Free online games in this category include Age of Empires, Fall of Rome, Pirates, Tower Defence, Age of Wonders and many more. Action and adventure games usually follow a protagonist, an enemy or a quest. Usually there are also a bit of romance and a story behind it. Commonly found online are flash-based versions that work well on phones with low memory. These free online games can be played for free and usually have minimal graphics.

Arcade Games: Mobile (app) and online (web-based) versions of arcade games came with simple one or two dimensional game play. There are no complexity and usually very simple controls. You can either turn the game off or adjust the difficulty depending on how good you are. Some examples of these classic arcade games are Street Fighter II, Pac-Man and others. Again, you can either turn the game off or increase the difficulty to play for a higher challenge. Visit for more information.

Learning Game Apps: Free online games that incorporate learning into them are very popular among adults and kids alike. Some examples of these learning apps include: Shape and Color: Sponge Bob educational game, Color Connect, Color Construction, Dig or Match and Memory Cards. You can also download apps such as: Cooking Games, Wallpapers and Effects, Vacuum Cleaner Games and much more. There are other learning apps that allow you to learn skills for free and require no purchases in the App Store. Examples of these learning apps are: The Game of Squares, Scrabble and many others. All you have to do is search for the corresponding keyword in your favorite search engine or visit their respective websites.

Paid Membership Websites: Just like the app stores, you can easily download apps for free from the big fish websites listed above and have access to a range of additional features and content. However, not all websites listed offer premium apps. Most of these free online games can be enjoyed on a lower quality level; hence, you need to pay a minimal fee in order to enjoy high quality gameplay on the big fish websites listed above.

These are just some of the types of free online games available. There are others available such as hidden object, puzzle and memory games. Mobile phone games also referred to as applications are very popular these days. You can easily download these free mobile games via Google play store or App store. They are designed for everyone regardless of their age.

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